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Jonathan Roberts’ Bio:

JONATHAN ROBERTS is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he earned a BFA in Film & TV Production. As an award-winning filmmaker, Jon has written, directed, and produced over 20 short films across many genres. Beyond his focus in directing, Jon is currently Head of Production for bspoketv, and has held production management, cinematography and editing positions on many narrative, commercial and experimental film projects. He continues to take on new and exciting challenges, building on his experiences to expand his capabilities.

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a storyteller. At a young age I knew I wanted to have a career in film and television when I found the ‘behind-the-scenes’ featurettes as engaging as the actual films and programs I was watching. I love bringing stories about human connection and the challenges of personal growth to life onscreen. I’ve been very fortunate to learn from wonderful professors, mentors and filmmakers who’ve taught and inspired me. I have dedicated myself to being a life-long student of film, continually learning about the process from start to finish while I continue to develop my cinematic voice and vision as a filmmaker.”

Software Skills:

  • Adobe Creative Suite CC
  • Movie Magic
  • Google Suite
  • Avid
  • Microsoft Office
  • WordPress
  • Writer Duet
  • Social Media

Relevant Work Experience

  • bspoketv, Los Angeles, CA: July 2021 – Present
    • Head of Production: Feb 2022 – Present
    • Producer: Nov 2021 – Jan 2022
    • Production Coordinator: July 2021 – Oct 2021 
  • Reach Marketing, LLC, Pearl River, NY: Sept 2019 – Present: Creative Producer
  • FilmThat, New York, NY: 2015 – Present: Producer, Director, Screenwriter, DP
  • Straight Shot Post, Brooklyn, NY: Nov 2020 – April 2021: Producer
  • Global Impact Film Festival, Wash, D.C.: Sept 2018 – August 2021: Team Member
  • WPIX-TV, New York, NY: 2018: Marketing, Content & Creative Services Intern
  • Henry Schein Inc., Headquarters: Melville, NY: 2016 Film and Editing Crew
  • Across 110th Street Media, New York, NY: 2015 Film Crew

Production/Post Production Experience

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor Illusory Short Film, 2020/2021
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor Beyond Reverie Short Film, 2020
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor Forward Short Film, 2019
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor Stole My Heart Short Film, 2015
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/DP Recovery One Short Film, 2018*
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/DP Million By Midnight Short Film, 2018
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/DP Deficit Short Film, 2017
Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/DP Detached Short Film, 2014
Producer/Director/Editor The Office Re-Enactment Short Film, 2018
Producer, Production Manager/1st AD Safety First Toyota Spec Commercial, 2019
Producer, Production Manager/1st AD Devil’s Advocate Short Film, 2018
1st AD/Production Manager/Location Manager When You Come Back Music Video, 2019
1st AD 7 Days Since Death Short Film, 2018 (*Finalist At NYU’s New Visions & Voices Festival 2019)
1st AD/Location Manager/Editor Hyung, Narrative Short Film, 2018
2nd AD Valor, Narrative Short Film, 2019
DP/Post-Consultant Use Protection Short Film, 2019
DP Love Violent Music Video, 2019
DP Stygian Path Short Film, 2018

Honors & Awards:

Int’l. Independent Film Awards
Jonathan Roberts, Director and Screenwriter.

Global Impact Film Festival
August 2018 RECOVERY ONE
Jonathan Roberts, Director and Screenwriter.

Named to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dean’s List, 2017 – 2019 
(Reserved for the top 5 percent of class).
By: Allyson Green, Dean, New York University

Founders Day Award, 2020 


NYU, Tisch School of the Arts
Kanbar Institute of Film & Television, Producing, Directing, Cinematography
New York, NY
BFA in Film & TV
2016 – 2020

Related Skills:

My passion has led me to pursue skills in the following areas:


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