Nearly 2 years after her death, Jason Shepard struggles to keep the real and virtual world separate while trying to hold onto the memory of his late fiancé.

Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan Roberts is an award-winning filmmaker who has written and directed over 20 short films including, Beyond Reverie, Forward and Recovery One. As a senior in the Film & TV Production program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Jon has learned to visualize film in new and exciting ways. Immersing himself in different filmmaking methods, studying other filmmakers’ visions and process and being taught that everything in the frame is deliberate, he has discovered his own cinematic voice. His mentors and extensive experience as Director, Screenwriter, Producer, First AD, Director of Photography, Key Grip and Editor have inspired Jonathan to continue his pursuit of a career in filmmaking.

Charles Lee

Charles Lee is a Korean-American producer, and an Oscar-qualifying director & screenwriter studying Film & TV as a senior at NYU Tisch. He has produced many award-winning projects, some of which at an international level, including Stygian Path, Recovery One, and Loop. Additionally, Charles has a passion for G&E, stunt/fight choreography, and acting. A long-time collaborator with the director, Charles and Jonathan share a strong and unique narrative voice. Together, they seek to tell stories of many perspectives to the world through the lens of their characters, in hopes of capturing the wide spectrum of the human experience, both in reality and the surreal.


Audrey Roh

Audrey Roh is a Junior at NYU Tisch studying Film and TV. While this is only her second year producing, she has packed quite a few sets into the past few years. She has done everything from boom operating, and Assistant Directing, to producing. Audrey continuously challenging herself to use those experiences to hone her producing skills. She has come to love problem-solving, the little bit of chaos that comes with making a film, and taking care of her friends and crew, which she sees as the producer’s first priority.

Christopher Josiah

Chris Josiah is a sophomore at New York University studying Film Production with a double minor in Producing and The Business of Entertainment and Media Technology. He has worked on numerous sets over the past two years. He is currently working on an NYU Advanced Thesis Project as a producer and as an Assistant Director on an NYU Intermediate Project. Chris has also worked as a development intern for a Disney owned production company.

Samuel Schrag

Samuel Schrag is a Swiss-New Zealand director and Oscar-qualifying cinematographer studying Film & TV Production at NYU Tisch. He fell in love with the visual medium of film while growing up in Colorado and has been directing and shooting projects for the last 12 years. He’s shot an indie feature film and directed a variety of shorts that have gone on to screen across New York and Colorado. When he’s not working on film sets, he’s skateboarding around the city listening to music and developing new ideas. As the Director of Photography, Sam is eager to visualize the story of Illusory.

Aristotle Spyropoulos, Ph.D., PE
Director of Engineering

Dr. Spyropoulos holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Engineering. He’s an alumnus of NYU and a leading expert in technology solutions. He creates user-friendly interfaces featuring simple designs and effortless use of custom applications. He is an acknowledged expert in computer vision and machine learning. Aristotle’s expertise is being put to use in the production of the short film Illusory, written and directed by Jonathan Roberts.

Timmy Beckmann
VFX Supervisor

Timmy Beckmann is a freelance editor and VFX artist currently earning his BFA at NYU Film & TV with a minor in Game Design. He’s worked with companies such as Discovery and ESPN and contributed his talents to countless NYU films. Inspired by the older masters Freddie Wong and Andrew Kramer, Timmy has pursued VFX since he was 14.