About Jon Roberts

Jonathan Roberts’ Bio:

When I was nine years old my father, an amateur videographer, was asked by friends to film their young daughter’s birthday party. My father took me along to get some “B Roll.” When he showed his friends the unedited footage, some of the scenes they liked most were the scenes I shot. As a child myself, I was able to show them the view from the children’s perspective. One result was that the video was very true to their daughter’s experience. Another result was that I discovered my love of filmmaking.

My father gave me one of his old video cameras and I started shooting random things. Anything could be my subject at any time, from kids playing in the street to the leaves rustling in the trees and candid shots of my parents.

My films add color to the world.  As an NYU Tisch student of film, I apply the art form I’ve learned from my professors and the directors who preceded us to see how art influences cinema.  I’ve learned to visualize film in new and exciting ways. Being taught that everything in the frame is deliberate and how images can impart subliminal messages to the subconscious mind. I have gained more knowledge of the world through other filmmakers‘ visions and that has helped me to discover my own cinematic voice.

My life’s experiences and my mentors have inspired me to pursue an education and career in filmmaking. I’ve immersed myself in learning the filmmaking and screenwriting process. But I am a student of film and know there is much more to learn.

I’m currently seeking a summer internship position at a film, entertainment or media company to expand my skills and improve my knowledge and experience.


NYU, Tisch School of the Arts
Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
New York, NY
Film & TV, Sophomore
2016 – 2020

Relevant Work Experience

  • FilmThat, New York, NY 2015 – Present: Director, Screenwriter, DP
  • Henry Schein Inc., Headquarters: Melville, NY: 2016 Film and Editing Crew
  • Across 110th Street Media, New York, NY: 2015 Film Crew
  • Reach Marketing, LLC, Pearl River, NY
    • 2014 – Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Corporate Web Site Videos
    • 2013 – Director & Cinematographer: Corporate and YouTube Videos
  • 92nd Street Y Filmmaking Program Summer 2014
  • Gold Coast Arts Center, Great Neck, NY 2014 and 2013
  • Director and Cinematographer Local School Outreach Program
  • Relay for Life Video – Producer, Director & Cinematographer, Port Washington, NY
  • Teaching Assistant, Schreiber Media Arts Courses 2015 and 2014
  • President, Schreiber Television and Film Production Club 2015

Software Skills:

  • Adobe Creative Suite CC
  • Adobe Story
  • Avid
  • Microsoft Office
  • Writer Duet

Related Coursework: (GPA 4.0)

Film, Entertainment and Media Industries

  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Videography
  • Dramatic & Visual Writing
  • Frame & Sequence
  • Language of Film
  • Performance Strategies
  • Production Safety & Set Protocol
  • Sight & Sound: Filmmaking
  • Sight & Sound: Studio
  • Sound Editing
  • Storytelling Strategies
  • Television & Film Production
  • Television Programming & Concepts
  • Traditions in Narrative
  • Writing The Short Screenplay

Jonathan Roberts is a student of cinematic and commercial filmmaking with a passion for storytelling.


Jonathan Roberts

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Plandome, NY 11030